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As a native Spanish speaker, I am able to provide you with a far higher level of accuracy in my translation work than English-born translators whose first language is English and not Spanish.  Having grown up close to Barcelona, I am also fluent in Catalan and so am able to translate English texts not just into Spanish, but into Catalan if required. 

I pride myself on being not only an accurate Spanish translator but also an efficient one!   In many instances time is of the essence and often a document might be required to be translated over night.  Whilst I cannot always guarantee an over night service,  depending on the amount and urgency of the work, I try to provide you with a translated text within one week of your request.  Please note, where an over night, or express Spanish translation / translator service is required there maybe an additional charge.


I typically tend to charge per word, however I do take into account several other factors when pricing a job, for example the number of words to be translated from English to Spanish - for large amounts of text, or small amounts of text but in the form of a constant flow of repeat work from the same client, discounts are available. I also take into account the difficulty level of the job in hand. Some jobs are much harder than others, for example, in the past I have been asked to translate Shakespearean-style literature and poetry from English into Spanish.  This type of job is very challenging and time consuming and so may incur aditional charge.  All prices are available on application, please ask me!

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As an experienced Spanish translator working in London and South East UK, I have experience and the ability to translate most types of texts ranging from one-page hand-written letters, right through to entire novels.  I can also translate website content from English to Spanish (and Catalan), books, corporate work and corporate documentation, instruction manuals, pretty much almost anything!

  • Corporate work / documents
  • Website content
  • Film subtitles
  • Letters and correspondence
  • Books
  • Instruction manuals
  • Brochures & catalogues


07533 107 509


I divide my time between Brighton and London, however I am capable to do translation work for both individuals and companies based anywhere in the world. Typically I like to ask for a deposit payment before I begin the job, and then depending on the nature of the texts to be translated you may email or post the work to me (email is preferrable). Where the English text exists only in hard copy format, and for whatever reason cannot be posted to me or scanned and emailed - perhaps due to the information being of a sensitive nature, I am happy to travel to your offices and work from there.  Please contact me for more information.

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