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Hola, and welcome to my website. My name is Mariangeles. I am a qualified Spanish tutor providing a range of teaching programs and Spanish translation services for both private individuals and companies in the UK. Born in a province of Barcelona, I moved to the UK 15 years ago and have become totally fluent in written and spoken English, as well as of course being completely bi-lingual in Spanish and Catalan.

My clients include a range of companies from different sectors including film-production companies for which I have translated subtitles from English to Spanish.  In my capacity as a Spanish tutor I teach a large number of clients and group lessons - most recently to members of staff at a well known football club.  Depending on the size of the client I am willing to travel to most parts of South East UK to provide group Spanish lessons and Spanish training for your company staff, however the core of my business is based in London.

For Spanish translation, my service extends to people and companies not just over the whole of the UK but across the entire globe.  Most of this type of work simply requires a telephone and/or email but I am happy to have face-to-face meetings with clients if requested.

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The Complete Spanish Assistant

Spanish Translator

I can translate from my native language of Spanish/Catalan into English and vice versa.  All types of translation work undertaken from corporate and legal documents to books, magazines and website content.  Face to face meetings available or simply email me.  I aim to complete most assignments within one week.


Spanish Tutor

I offer Spanish lessons on a 1-to-1 basis with individuals as well as providing group classes for your company staff.  My schedule is flexible, I can accomodate your requirements during day time and early evenings.  For classes with large numbers of people and for bulk bookings, discounts are available.


Planning a Business Trip to Spain?

I can help you with the language and provide guidance on local customs and the culture.


Spanish Translator London

Spanish translation and tutor services, London UK Tel: 07533 107 509